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$70 per match or training session

Note: Can send multiple matches and/or training sessions if wish to. Cost will increase (example, $90 for 2 matches) if more matches and/or training sessions are required to be viewed.


Cheque or direct debit. 

Payment can be made with Step 1 or before Step 3 is completed. Once received, Mark will confirm via email and/or txt message.


-   Identify current strengths & weaknesses

-   Suggest how to improve weaknesses

-   Suggest how to improve techniques on various shots

-   Suggest how to organise training sessions to improve your overall game (shots, techniques, movement, etc)

-   Suggest how to utilize your strengths in matches from a tactical point of view

Also, you may wish to advise which skills you want Mark to observe and focus on.


Step 1

Send match/s and/or training session/s

Ways of sending are,

-          Post if using Disc, Video Tape or Memory Stick

-          Email

-          YouTube 

If send through post, provide pre paid envelope so Mark can return to you.

If send through YouTube, provide link/details so Mark can observe.

Step 2

Mark will confirm receiving info by email and/or txt message.

Step 3

A report will be provided. There are 2 options to choose from. They are,

1. Written report to be emailed and/or sent in mail together with Disc, Video Tape or Memory Stick if required.


2. Verbal report to be done via phone or internet (Skype – my Skype contact is mark.smythe1).

You will need to advise which one is preferred.


Mark guarantees all information will remain confidential.

This service can be used on a need basis as part of your ongoing development.