Mark Smythe Table Tennis

Australia's no. 1 coach

MSTT runs a great new concept designed by Mark, to provide players more matches in a short time frame. Below is a summary of the Rapid Fire concepts.


Table Tennis’s version of T20 cricket has arrived in a weekly team competition format. RFL was established in 2013 and has become very popular for players of all ages and standards.

Mark has identified the weaknesses in the current models and designed a new one which encapsulates what he believes players want and maximise their enjoyment of the sport.

RFL is action packed concept that is played in a two hour time frame. It is a true team versus team concept where the last match (Doubles) usually determines who the winning team is on the night. The beauty of this model is there are many matches played in a short time frame, less waiting around in between matches and some prize money ($450 per season) available for the top grade players.

RFL is played at Sportlink (2 Hanover Rd/Vermont South. This is a multi sporting/purpose venue.

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Rapid Fire Challenge (RFC)

Table Tennis’s version of T20 cricket has arrived in the form of a tournament.

Mark has designed a new Individual tournament/competition concept. This has been created to be player friendly and will prove to be privilege to participate in. RFC includes,

- Prize money

- Affordable entry fee

- Many matches played in a short timeframe

- Less waiting around between matches

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