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Improving your standard

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  1. The best time for time for improvement is generally during the off season (Oct. – Feb. for most players in Australia). As most/all players are more motivated to play more often during the competition year, the one’s who either keep playing each week during the off season or play even more than during the season usually have a distinct advantage the following year or over a period of a few years if keep repeating this process.  
  2. We are what we repeatedly do! Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit – practise makes perfect.
  3. Players have a higher chance of improving more in future if, increase the amount of weekly hours played each year.
  4. There can be many up and downs re emotions through one match let alone one day, week, month, year and career. It’s how we deal with the down times, together with playing more hours each week that can make the difference of achieving a better result/standard at the time/in future.
  5. As Table Tennis is a high skill game, it requires constant practise and attention to detail on strokes & movements to keep improving, players should not take much of a break during the off season.
  6. To reach higher levels in future, players should focus on improving their techniques for all skills/shots and routines that will help them achieve this.