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Australian's clean up U15 Singles Events at World Junior Circuit in New Caledonia

The Australian players dominated the U15 Singles events at the World Junior Circuit Event played in New Caledonia from Aug. 17 & 18. 

In the boys singles, Yang Shen defeated fellow Aust. Jake Duffy in the final 3-1 and earlier Dominic Huang 3-2 in the SF. 

In the girls singles, Wendy Li (Vic) defeated hot favourite and no. 1 seed, Ruofei Rao (NZ) 3-1 in the final. 

The U18 boys and girls singles were controlled by international players. In the boys singles the SF matches consisted of players from Thailand, Chinese Taipei, France and Hong Kong. Player from Hong Kong defeated Taipei player 4-2 in the final. In the female event, a girl from Thailand overcame players from Korea in the SF and final.

All results can be seen on ITTF website,