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Australians win Gold medals @ World Veterans Championships

Last week New Zealand hosted the bi-annual World Veteran Championships. The Veteran Age Groups are, Over 40, O50, O60, O65, O70, O75, O80 & O85. There were 1,665 participants from 57 countries where 61 were used for the 5,256 matches.

185 Australian players made the trip across the tasman and came home with a swag of medals. The rundown of medals were,


O70 Men's Singles       - Inh Ven Le (NSW)
O40 Women's Singles  -  Eriko Ito (NSW)
O50 Women's Singles  -  Nela Bran (VIC)
O70 Men's Singles       -  Mick Wright (VIC)
O80 Women's Singles  -  Betty Bird (SA)
O70 Men's Doubles      - Inh Ven Le (NSW) & Igor Klaf (VIC)     
O75 Women's Doubles - Pam Tait (VIC) & Margaret Mulcahy (VIC) 
O65 Men's Doubles      - Thomas Samuelsson (QLD) & Lennart Bjork (SWE)
O70 Men's Doubles      - Mick Wright (VIC) & Dr Herbert Neubauer (GER)
O80 Men's Doubles      - Geoff Nesbitt (VIC) & Harry Dye (NZ)
O75 Women's Doubles - Lois McConnell (VIC) & Maureen Fischer (VIC)
                                     - Betty Bird (SA) & Nicole Pilliere (FRA)
O80 Men's Doubles      - Ken Johnson (VIC) & Tony Herbert (QLD)
O80 Women's Doubles - Prisca Rosario (VIC) & Elaine Edwards (NSW)
O85 Men's Doubles      - Karl Preuss (NSW) & Chi Lam (USA)

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- 18th World Veterans TT Championships - Alicante/Elche, Spain

23rd to 29th May 2016
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