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William Henzell defeats WR 45 @ Australian Open

William (WR125) has had another milestone victory. This time it was happened on home turf at the Australian Open against Ting Chun Wong (Hong Kong) 4 - 2 in the QF who is WR45. 

This is an amazing win for William who has been forced to drop his training load over the last 2 years due to full-time work and lack of training partners - he trains mainly with MSTT players, David Powell and Heming Hu each week.

This win now gives William 3 wins against top 60 WR players (plus he has other wins against top 100 WR players) and now separates him, from Mark Smythe, as the only Australian male player in the modern era to defeat more than two top 60 WR players.

William is now in the SF and plays Zhikang Wu (Singapore) who is WR132. 


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