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Ecstasy one day then agony the next for William Henzell

After one of the best win of his life, William Henzell (WR125) experienced the rollercoaster of emotions sport can deliver. In his SF match against against Singaporen Zhikang Wu (WR132), William lost in an epic battle that went right down to the wire, 11 - 9 in the 7th.

Zhikang Wu went on to win the Final against compatriot, Jian Zhan (WR45) 4 - 1 in the Final.

In the Women's Singles, no. 1 seed Tianwei Feng (WR5) from Singapore defeated Misaki Morizono (WR35) from Japan 4 - 0 in the Final.


It is rare that such quality players are seen in Australia. A great opportunity for people that watched the tournament.


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