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Luke, Ethan & Nicholas win Singles titles @ Bendigo Open

Was a fruitful day for MSTT at the first State Junior Tournament of the year. The following players won Age Group Singles Events at Bendigo Open,

U18 Boys Singles - Luke Cosgriff

U13 Boys Singles - Ethan Lim

U11 Singles - Nicholas Lum


Other MSTT players that were R-up in Age Group Singles Events were,

U21 Women's Singles - Jasmine Chao

U18 Girls Singles - Jasmine Chao

U18 Boys Singles - Dillon Chambers

U13 Girls Singles - Parleen Kaur


Noteable performance came from Darian Gin who nearly causing a huge surprise win over 2014 Aust. Ranked no. 1 U13 boy, Zaki Zenaidee, losing 11-9 in the deciding 5th set in U15 Boys Singles.