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Aust. Senior C'ships highlights 1984, 91, 92, 93 & 96

After the recent highlight package of Aust. Junior C'ships (Aust. Junior C'ships - 1982,88,89,90,91), another highlight package has been put together. This time is from Australian Junior Championships from 1984, 91, 92, 93 & 96.

To see the 53min highlights package click, Aust. Senior C'ships highlights


Players featured in at least one point include,


Tommy Danielsson (VIC), Peter Forsberg (VIC), Bob Tuckett (VIC), Aleks Jabukczak (VIC), Nadia Bisiach (VIC), Myung Hee No (VIC)



Dennis Makaling (VIC), Jamie Perry (VIC), Kent Jamieson (QLD), Seref Bakanay (QLD), HJ Yang (VIC), Paul Pinkewich (NSW), Peng Huy Quach (VIC)



Dennis Makaling, Neil Ward (SA), Brett Clarke (VIC), Paul Langley (SA), Peter Masen (NSW), Kerri Tepper (VIC), Shirley Zhou (VIC), Peng Huy Quach



Genna Raber (NSW), Robin Moore (VIC), Mark Smythe (VIC), Paul Pinkewich, Robbie Javor (SA), Stuart Gallagher (WA), Stella Zhou (NSW), Aldwyn Altuneg (NSW), Anita Trevilan (QLD), Andrea McDonnell (QLD), Brett Clarke, Ian Irving (QLD), Russell Lavale (VIC), Bill Rajab (VIC), Alvin Jiang, Steven Gao (VIC), Dennis Makaling, Kerri Tepper, Shirley Zhou



Paul Langley, Russell Lavale, Paul Pinkewich, Robin Moore, Stella Zhou, Shirley Zhou, Mark Smythe