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Highlights package 1986-1995

A highlights package has been put together of random matches from 1986 - 1995. 

To see the 37min video clip click, 1986 - 1995 Random points


Players featured are,

1986 Croydon Senior Open - Tommy Danielsson, Bengin Benli (Bennett), Glenn Tepper, Kerri Tepper, Alois Rosario, Mark Hurst (NSW), Paul Tonkin, Wendy Hughes

1989 Victorian Junior Closed - Mark Smythe, Jason, Cocks, Brett Clarke

1989 Croydon Senior Open - Peng Huy Quach, Paul Pinkewich (NSW)

1990 Moomba Junior Open - Mark Smythe, Gabrielle Dillon, Darren Webb, Claire Dillon, Trevor Brown, Gary Guzzo, Matthew Brown, Jamie Paul, Russell Lavale

1990 Moomba Senior Open - Ross Tepper, Mark Smythe

1990 State Pennant Match - Mark Smythe, Greg Asling, Alois Rosario, Barry Griffiths (NZ), Dennis Makaling, Ross Tepper

1990 Victorian Junior Closed - Mark Smythe, Gabrielle Dillon, Darren Webb, Claire Dillon, Bill Rajab, 

1990 Victorian Senior Closed - Alois Rosario, Mark Smythe

1991 Easter Senior Classic - Genna Raber (NSW), Mark Smythe

1992 Moomba Senior Open - Mark Smythe, Robin Moore, Brett Clarke

1992 Easter Senior Classic - Dennis Makaling, Mark Smythe, Peng Huy Quach, Alvin Cheang (Jiang)


1991 NSW Open - Dennis Makaling, Mark Palmay

1995 NSW Open - Andrew Hubbard, In Van Lee (NSW), Paul Pinkewich (NSW), Robin Moore, Stella Zhou (NSW), Ying Kwok (NSW), Mark Smythe

1995 Australian Junior Championships - Trevor Brown, Shirley Zhou, Steven Walker (SA), Tammy Gough (SA), Simon Gerada, Mimi Lee, Dianna Grantham (QLD), William Henzell (SA), Shaun Priddle