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1993 Australia National League highlights

This is Croydon's Team (Russell Lavale, Mark Smythe & Jenny Langridge) journey through the 6 month season (April - Oct) plus the remarkable final between Geelong (Dennis Makaling, Brett Clarke, Kerri Tepper) v Coburg (Peng Huy Quach, Bill Rajab, Lan Zhai). 

To see the 1hr16min highlights package click, 1993 National League season highlights

Features were,

- 1981 World Singles Champion, Tong Ling (China), playing the first round of season for our/Croydon team

- The most incredible final between Geelong & Coburg where Coburg lead 3-0 and had 6 match points in a row during the 4th match (Men's Doubles) before Geelong came back to 3-3 then Coburg saved two match points during the 7th and final match. It all came down to the last set of the last match of the whole season. 


Players featured are,

Mark Smythe (VIC), Bill Rajab (VIC), HJ Yang (VIC), Peng Huy Quach (VIC), Tong Ling (VIC), Lan Zhai (VIC), Russell Lavale (VIC), Paul Langley (SA), Kathy Gould (SA), Jenny Langridge (VIC), Robin Moore (VIC), Alvin Cheang (VIC), Brett Clarke (VIC), Dennis Makaling (VIC), Rafael Pronobis (VIC), Claire Dillon (VIC), Stuart Gallagher (WA), Jeff Drew (WA), Ian Irving (QLD), Kent Jamieson (QLD), Andrea McDonnell (QLD), Gary Day (QLD), Seref Bakanay (QLD), Kerri Tepper (VIC)


1993 Aust. Rankings

MEN 1. Dennis Makaling (VIC) 2. Robbie Javor (SA) 3. Brett Clarke (VIC) 4. Kent Jamieson (QLD) 5. Paul Langley (SA) 6. Robin Moore (VIC) 7. Russell Lavale (VIC) 8. Mark Smythe (VIC) 9. Neil Ward (SA) 10. Stuart Gallagher (WA) NOTE: Peng Huy Quach not ranked due to not playing Aust. C'ships. In 1992 & 1991 was ranked no. 2.

WOMEN 1. Kerri Tepper (VIC) 2. Shirley Zhou (VIC) 3. Stella Zhou (NSW) 4. Lan Zhai (VIC) 5. Andrea McDonnell (QLD) 6. Tracey Auchterlonie (TAS) 7. Claire Dillon (VIC) 8. Kathy Gould (SA) 9. Aldwyn Atuneg (NSW)  10. Sue Mitchell (SA)



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