Mark Smythe Table Tennis

Australia's no. 1 coach

1994 National League highlights

This is Croydon's team (Russell Lavale, Mark Smythe, Trevor Brown & Shirley Zhou) journey through the 1994 National League season.

To see the video clip click, 1994 National League highlights

Features were,                                                                                                                                              - Our match against Sydney where we were down 0-3 and won 4-3                                                             - The final (filmed by ABC TV) between Geelong (Jamie Perry, Rafael Pronobis, Kerri Tepper) V's Sydney (Dennis Makaling, Genna Raber, Stella Zhou and doubles appearance from Gary Haberl).

Players featured;

NAME             TEAM        1994 Australian Ranking end of year

Mark Smythe (Croydon) - No. 8 male

Russell Lavale (Croydon) - No. 3 male

Shirley Zhou (Croydon) - No. 2 female

Jens Krause (North QLD) - No. 9 male

Ian Irving (North QLD) - Not ranked

Andrea McDonnell (North QLD) - No 7 female

Darren Lee (Brighton/SA) - Not ranked

Paul Langley (Brighton/SA) - No. 1 male

Darren Webb (Geelong) - Not ranked (No. 1 U19 male)

Brett Clarke (Geelong) - Not ranked. Was No. 3 male in 1993

Kerri Tepper (Geelong) - No. 1 female

Bill Rajab (Coburg) - No. 10 male

Jeff Plumb (Coburg) - Not ranked

Vivian Yang (Coburg) - No. 5 female

Steven Gao (Brighton/SA) - Not ranked

Robin Moore (Brighton/SA) - No. 6 male

Trevor Brown (Croydon) - Not ranked (No. 1 U17 boy)

Dennis Makaling (Sydney) - No. 2 male

Genna Raber (Sydney) - No. 7 male

Stella Zhou (Sydney) - No. 3 female

Stuart Gallagher (Perth) - Not ranked

Jeff Drew (Perth) - Not ranked

Jamie Perry (Geelong ) - No. 4 male

Rafal Pronobis (Geelong) - Not ranked