Mark Smythe Table Tennis

Australia's no. 1 coach

1996 National League Highlights plus one match from 1997

This is Croydon's team (Russell Lavale, Mark Smythe, Trevor Brown & Shirley Zhou) journey through the 1996 National League Finals that ended up with its 2nd of 3 consecutive titles. Also on the clip is one match from 1997 against Adelaide.

To see the clip click, Austalian TT League Finals 1996 & one match 1997

Players (their Club & end of year Aust. ranking for that year) featured were,

Mark Smythe (Croydon) - no. 2 male

Russell Lavale (Croydon) - no. 4 male

Shirley Zhou (Croydon) - no. 3 female

Dennis Makaling (Coburg) - not ranked

Jeff Plumb (Coburg) - no. 4 male

Yvonne Li (Coburg) - no. 6 female

Stuart Gallagher (Adelaide) - not ranked

Engelbert Huging (Adelaide) - not ranked

Neil Ward (Adelaide) - no. 7 male

Megan Winter (Adelaide) - not ranked