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RFL Autumn Premiers & R-up

Last night the Rapid Fire League (RFL) Autumn season was completed. RFL principle sponsor is TACTIX. Their products (storage containers) can be purchased at any Bunnings store around Australia. To see their products click, TACTIX products

Next season commences Monday 19th July and is fully booked. People can put name down as a fill-in. RFL has 5 different grades ranging from beginner level to high Club level.

To see more info about RFL click,

Enquiries to Mark Smythe ( or 0411 493 054) for more details. 

Below are the Premiers and Runner Up teams from each grade. 


Premiers - Soli, Vincent, Brett                                    R-up - Brindi, Alex, Chang




Premiers - Kris, Joshua, Alex                                  R-up - Grant, Karthik, Terence




Premiers - Steven, Gavin, Dan                                 R-up - David, Karthik, David




Premiers - Kaavin, CK, Tim                                   R-up - Clement, Aarav, Ethan




Premiers - Lucas, Hee, Judy (fill-in)                         R-up - Brianna, Fay, Brent