Mark Smythe Table Tennis

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MSTT players ready to compete in Australian Junior Championships

A host of MSTT players will play in the National Junior Championships from September 29 - October 5, played in Melbourne at Croydon & District Table Tennis Association. 

The players competing in the Victorian teams then indivudual events are,

Under 18 Boys     

Dillon Chambers

Under 18 Boys B

Jakob Smith


Under 15 Boys                    Under 15 Girls

Yang Shen                            Darcie Morton

                                           Denise Lim


Under 13 Boys                   Under 13 Girls

Dylan Nguyen                       Mahi Joshi

                                           Christina Nguyen

Under 13 Boys B                Under 13 Girl B

Ethan Lim                            Parleen Kaur

                                          Tatiana Kempton


Other players to compete in the team event, playing in the Presidents Teams are,

Under 15 Boys

Winston Phan

Augustine Nguyen