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Chamara and Mahi win Singles titles at Geelong Open

MSTT Coach and comeback player, Chamara Fernando won 5 Events over the two day Geelong Open (Senior & Junior on Sat and Veterans on Sun). The winning evnts were,

- O30 Men's Singles

- O40 Men's Singles

- Men's Open Doubles

- O30 Men's Doubles

- O40 Men's Doubles

Chamara was also R-up in Men's Open Singles


Mahi Joshi won U15 Girls Singles & Girls Doubles (with fellow MSTT player, Denise Lim).


Other players were R-up in Age Group Singles Events. They were,

Dillon Chambers - U18 Boys Singles

Darcie Morton - U18 Girls Singles

Nicholas Lum - U11 Boys Singles


MSTT players made up 3 of the 4 spots in the Open Men's Singles with Chamara defeating Dillon Chambers in one SF and Yang Shen losing to no. 1 seed, Shabaji Datta in the other SF.


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