Mark Smythe Table Tennis

Australia's no. 1 coach

MSTT players & coaches make up 100% of Vic. Men's Team

The Victorian Men's Team to compete at the Australian Closed Championships in Perth from June 30 - July 5 has been announced. The Men's Team comprises of 4 players and all are MSTT players & coaches. There is also a "B" that comprises of 3 players where one is another MSTT player and another one currently plays RFL.

The Men's Teams are,


David Powell (MSTT player & coach) - 1st qualifier in team

Heming Hu (MSTT player) - 2nd qualifier in team

Dillon Chambers (MSTT player & coach) - 3rd qualifier in team

Chamara Fernando (MSTT comeback player & coach) - selected in team



Yang Shen (MSTT player)

Jesse Bricknell (currently plays RFL)

Craig Carter