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David R-up @ TTA's Mounties Invitational

Last weekend the Mounties Invitational was hosted in Sydney. This event is sactioned by the National Body (TTA) and has $20K of prize money spread across a few events where the winners of Men's & Women's Singles earn $3.5K each. 

David Powell was no. 2 seed (based on his World Ranking of 301) behind Lennart Wehking (Germany) who has enough WR points to be WR 299.

David made the Final after defeating Teng Teng Liu (New Zeland) in a gripping 7 setter in the QF then Pillip Zhou (New Zealand) 4 - 0 in the SF but lost to Lennart 4 - 0 in the Final.

David was also R-up in the Men's Doubles. He earned $1.75K from the tournament.