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MSTT Sponsored Players are?

MSTT has grown quickly over the 18 months and can now implemented another benefit to some of its players via Sponsorships.

The first group of MSTT Sponsored players are,

Dillon Chambers (U18 Boy)

Mahi Joshi (U15 Girl)

Ethan Lim (U13 Boy)

Parleen Kaur (U11 Girl)

Nicholas Lum (U11 Boy)


Initially the benefits for each player will be $300 - $500 and next year increase to $500 - $800 per player per year through financial and equipment assistance. Other benefits provided will be, video analysis and program planning assistance.


MSTT is keen to help its best performed Junior players achieve higher standards in future.

MSTT now provides pathways for young players to enter the sport, gain the best quality coaching in Australia then fully support those who are in contention to become Australian Champions or make Australian Teams.