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RFL Elite Grade flyer & teams

The upcoming RFL Autumn season (9th Feb - 22nd June) will see many of Australia's top players competiting against each other and make great viewing for people to come and watch on a show court, free of charge at Sportlink (2 Hanover Rd/Vermont South) 


To view the flyer click, 2015 RFL Autumn Elite Grade poster


The Elite Grade will consist of only 3 teams (9 players) of which 8 are MSTT players and 4 are MSTT Coaches. Teams are,


Daviid Powell (Aust. Ranked no. 2, played @ 2014 Commonwealth Games)

Yang Shen (Aust. Ranked no. 5 U18 Boy, played @ 2013 World Junior Championships)

Barak Mizrachi (2013 & 2014 Aust. Para Class 8 Singles Champion)



Heming Hu (Aust. Ranked no. 5, played @ 2014 Commonwealth Games)

Dillon Chambers (Aust. Ranked no. 2 U18 Boy, 2014 Aust. U18 Boy Top 10 winner)

Hank Yin (RFL Platinum 2nd Leading Player 2014 Spring seaon)



Chamara Fernando (Aust. Ranked no. 8, Over 40 Aust. Men's Singles Champion)

Jasmine Chao, 17yrs old (Shanghai provincial team member from 2010 - 2014)

Luke Cosgriff (Aust. Ranked no. 7 U18 Boy, finished 3rd Aust. U18 Top 10 tournament)