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Heming U21 triple treat @ Aust. C'ships

Heming Hu acheived something that only the best players achieve, by clean sweeping all 3 National titles for his Age Group. Heming won the U21 Men's Singles for the 2nd successive year after defeating fellow MSTT player, Dillon Chambers 4-1 in the Final after Dillon had a fantastic 4-2 victory over Erny Tsao (NSW) in the SF. This year Heming added the U21 Men's and Mixed Doubles to his already impressive record over the years. He has now made the U21 Men's Singles Final for 5 years in a row (R-up in 2013, 2012 & 2011), a feat that may never be achieved again. With all this glory, ironically Heming would have walked away from this year's Australian Championships a little disatisfied as he lost the main event (Men's Singles) where he was 4th seed, in QF to HWATT's Ivan Sulfaro in 7 sets after leading 3-0 and defeating Ivan 4-0 in U21 QF.    

Heming now moves his attention to next year's Olympic Qualification in late February where at the end of July will train & play professional league in Sweden for 6 months. 


Another MSTT player, David Powell, also won an Australian title, winning the Men's Doubles with partner (and Aust. TT legend) William Henzell over another MSTT pairing of Heming & Chamara Fernando 3-0 in the Final. David has now won the Men's Doubles 3 times with 2014 and 2011 being the other two. Like Heming, David would have walked away a little disappointed after losing Men's Singles in SF to Chris Yan (NSW) in a stirring 7 setter. David was no. 2 seed and R-up in Men's Singles last year.

David also shifts his focus to next year's Olympic Qualification and will play in Victorian Open in mid September before joining up with Heming in Sweden early October for a 4 month training & competition stint.


It was a great tournament for MSTT players overall with following results,


SF - David Powell

Results click, 2015 Aust. Men Open Singles



Win - David Powell (with partner William Henzell)

R-up - Heming Hu & Chamara Fernando

SF - Dillon Chambers (with partner Dominic Huang)

SF - Luke Cosgriff (with partner Erny Tsao)

Results click, 2015 Aust. Men Open Doubles



R-up Heming Hu (with partner Melissa Tapper)

SF - David Powell (with partner Vy Bui)

SF - Chamara Fernando (with partner Lan Zhai)

Results click, 2015 Aust. Mixed Open Doubles




Win - Heming Hu 

R-up - Dillon Chambers

Results click, 2015 Aust. U21 Men Singles



Win - Heming Hu (with partner Erny Tsao)

R-up - Dillon Chambers & Luke Cosgriff

Results click, 2015 Aust. U21 Men Doubles



Win - Heming Hu (with partner Vy Bui)

SF - Dillon Chambers (with partner Antonia Zhang) 

Results click, 2015 Aust. U21 Mixed Doubles



Win - Vic/MSTT Team (David Powell, Heming Hu, Chamara Fernando & Dillon Chambers)


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