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MSTT player results - Vic. Junior Closed

Dillon Chambers (U18), Parleen Kaur (U15) and Nicholas Lum (U11) were the standout MSTT players and won Victorian Singles titles for their Age Group. Dillon beat fellow MSTT player, Luke Cosgriff, in the U18 Final. Parleen defeated arch rival Cindy Su in U15 Girls final but lost to Cindy in U13 final. Nicholas beat Richard Li (Geelong) in U11 Final.

MSTT players made many finals for the day. They include,


Win Boys Singles - Dillon Chambers

R-up Boys Singles - Luke Cosgriff

R-up Girls Singles - Denise Lim

Win Boys Doubles - Dillon Chambers & Luke Cosgriff

R-up Boys Doubles - Jakob Smith (and partner Dylan Nguyen)

Win Girls Doubles - Denise Lim (and partner Chrysela Gracias)



Win Girls Singles - Parleen Kaur

Win Boys Doubles - Ethan Lim & Nicholas Lum

Win Girls Doubles - Parleen Kaur (and partner Cindy Su)



R-up Boys Singles - Ethan Lim

R-up Girls Singles - Parleen Kaur

R-up Boys Doubles - Ethan Lim & Nicholas Lum

Win Mixed Doubles - Ethan Lim & Parleen Kaur



Win Boys Singles - Nicholas Lum

R-up Girls Singles - Isabella Jiang

Win Doubles - Nicholas Lim & Isabella Jiang



R-up Div. 1 - Nathan Shi

R-up Div. 3 - Alan Martin

R-up Div. 4 - Alan Martin

Win Div. 5 - Ellen Walker 


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