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David and Heming's results from Swedish Open

David Powell and Heming Hu are both in Sweden for months of training till February and played this week's Swedish Open. Heming had a very good tournament beating a player from Poland in Men's Singles and losing a very close match in U21 Singles to an Austrian player.

To watch Heming's match against Austrian, Andreas Levenko click, Heming Hu V Andreas Levenko 


To see David and Heming's results click on links below,

Men's Singles, 2015 Sweden Open Mens' Singles - Qualifying Rounds Heming is player 30 and David 54.

Men's Doubles, 2015 Sweden Open Men's doubles - Qualifying Rounds David & Heming are pair no. 59. 

Under 21 Men's Singles, 2015 Sweden Open U21 Men's Singles - Qualifying Rounds Heming is player 46.