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Australia's no. 1 coach

David Powell wins first Australian Senior singles event

David Powell (MSTT coach and Aust. Ranked no. 4) had one of the best days of his 13 year career by winning the Australian Top 10 singles tournament after defeating Australia's top 2 players in the SF then Final. 

David finished 2nd of 5 players in his group after losing a cruel 11 - 9 in the deciding 5th set to Justin Han when, at 10 - 9, he got an edge that most of the spectators saw but not the umpire.

In the cross-over stage (SF) David played Australia's no. 1 player, William Henzell, and won a 11 - 9 in the deciding 5th set after losing the first two sets. This was David's best win of his career and moved into the final to again play Justin who had defeated Robbie Frank in the other SF. 

In the final David was totally focused and brushed aside the close lose to Justin earlier in the day and won in straight sets (4- 0) and his first Australian Singles t'ment win.

This is a career defining win for David and shows hard work does pay off as he spent 2.5 months in Poland and has been training the most of all the top bracket players in recent times.

Well done David!!!!

The Women's had quite a few surprising results which saw Miao Miao beat Perri Cambell-Innes in the final.