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RFL Spring Premiers & R-up

Last night the 2016 Rapid Fire League (RFL) Spring season was completed. RFL has the following sponsors, TACTIX, Butterfly Australia and Australian Phone Company.

Next season commences Monday 13th February with closing date Wednesday 1st February. So far 35 of the 78 spots are taken. To see Entry Form click, RFL 2017 Autumn entry form Please note: For all female players, the entry fee is $100, not $170. 

If wish to enter, contact Mark Smythe ( or 0411 493 054) for more details. 


Below are the Premiers and Runner Up teams from each grade. 


Premiers - Harry, Kevin, Tim                                               R-up - Tony, Daniel, Brindi




Premiers  - Luis, Kris, Shafiq                                         R-Up - Adrian, Paul, Alwin




Premiers - Zoltan, Reymond, Kevin                      R-up - Johnson, Edgar, Eric (fill-in for Cameron)




Premiers - Alice, Kelly, Alex                                          R-up - Brent, Adam, Champ