Mark Smythe Table Tennis

Australia's no. 1 coach

$70K prize money over 3 events in Australia April 18 - May 25

An exciting period of 6 weeks for the Elite players in Australia is coming up with 3 Events offering a total of $70K in prize money.

First is the Oceania Cup (April 18 - 21) in Bendigo/Victoria where $20K will be won.

Second is Mounties Invitational (May 16 - 18) in Sydney/NSW where $20K will be won.

Third is Australian Open (May 21 - 25) in Sydney/NSW where $32K will be won. This is now officially part of the ITTF World Tour. Last time this tournament was part of ITTF tour was 1999. 


A great time ahead for Australia's elite players.