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Winners from Aust. Junior C'ships

The big winners of this year's Aust. Junior Chamionships were Erny Tsao and Sarah Tan both winning the U18 Singles title for their gender and both from NSW.

There were two extroadinary feats on Finals day,

1. Twin sisters playing in a National Singles Final - Sarah & Vanessa Tan, U18 Singles

2. A player (Rohan Dhooria) from ACT winning an Australian Singles title where there are very few, Elite Players, quality competition & training opportunities. This opportunities are so limited Rohan has travelled to Sydney and Melbourne during the year to gain more competition experience. The feat was even more impressive as he had to overcome 2 x 7 set matches in the QF and SF. Rohan became the first National Singles winner since Jeff Plumb (off Pingskills fame) won the same Age Group title in 1989.


The Singles finalists were, 

U18 Boys Singles - Erny Tsao (NSW) bt Dillon Chambers (VIC) 4 - 1

U18 Girls Singles - Sarah Tan (NSW) bt Vanessa Tan (NSW) 4 - 0

U15 Boys Singles - Rohan Dhooria (ACT) bt Roger Wang (NSW) 4 - 0

U15 Girls Singles - Angela Zhan (NSW) bt Rebecca Stanley (QLD) 4 - 0

U13 Boys Singles - Dylan Nguyen (VIC) bt Zaki Zenaidee (VIC) 4 - 2. 

U13 Girls Singles - Maltilda Alexandersson (QLD) bt Lucy Koh (NSW) 4 - 0 


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