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Jiang Fang Lay & Melissa Tapper create Aust. TT history

Jiang Fang Lay, Melissa Tapper and Sally Zhang have qualified to be selected into the Australian Team at this year's Rio Olympic Games. Jiang and Melissa will play in Singles Event and be joined by Sally to play Team Event. 

Jiang and Melissa have created history in their own way. Jiang will be the first Australian TT player to play in 5 Olympic Games, starting at Sydney 2000 Games. Melissa will be the first Australian athlete in any Olympic sport to compete in Able Bodied Olympics and Paralymics (at London 2012 Olympics nearly won Bronze Medal by lost the playoff match).

An incredible achievement by both women and i'm sure they will attract plent of media attention in preparation for the Games that will be a great promotional tool for the sport. 

The journey for Jian started in China at age 7 or 8 where she was a professional player for 8-10 years from age 11 or 12 before moving to Australia in 1993. Melissa had a humble beginning in country town Hamilton and fair to say the Club didn't have a program set up to create Elite players. She started getting coaching from Simon Gerada in Melbourne at age 10 or 11 and has never looked back where at the age of 26 is now reaching her peak as an athlete. 


To read article from ITTF website about Melissa and Jian click, 2016 Oceania Olympic Qualification Event