Mark Smythe Table Tennis

Australia's no. 1 coach

Table Tennis popular around the world and with International Olympic Committee

There was 2.65 million views just on Youtube of matches from this month's World Individual Championships in France.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has lifted Table Tennis's funding into Group C making it the equal 9th most funded of all the summer Olympic sports. At the latest IOC meeting on 29th May in Russia, it was decided Table Tennis popularity deserves the increase in funding derived from Olympic revenue - 2012 London Olympics, 99.3 tickets were sold for the Table Tennis event that lasts 10 days. Sports were judged according to six criteria, each being given a weighting factor. 

1. TV: the tv audiences each sport attracted during the games - Factor 40

2. Internet: number of internet page views and social media metions - Factor 20

3. General public: favourite sports, according to a survey - Factor 15

4. Spectators: ticket requests in the host territory - Factor 10

5. Press: number of favourable press articles - Factor 10

6. Universality: number of national federations - Factor 5

Table Tennis has an impressive 218 member associations (registered countries with the world governing body, ITTF) and, in Mark's view, one of the few sports that can lay claim to being known as a "true world sport".