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$58K in prize money to be won in June at 3 tournaments in Australia

It is a great time for the best Australian players this month with 3 tournaments being played where $58k of prize money will be won. This is the most prize money in a year, let alone a month, that has ever been available to win in Australia.

Last week at the Australian Open (Sydney), $20k was won, largely by Korean players. 

This weekend the Elite Players are back in Sydney where the Mounties Invitational will be played and $18k of prize money will be won covering various events. 

Then come the end of the month, the Oceania Cup will be played in Victoria (Bendigo) where $20k will be won over 3 days covering various events. Men's and Women's Singles winners get $5k each. There will be highlights of the main matches shown on Foxtel approx. 2 months after the event.

MSTT wishes all participants, especially David Powell, the best of luck.